Unity 2D Making Mini Map Mask Tutorial

Unity 2D is a 2D game engine that is part of Unity. Unity 2D is based on Unity 3D and uses the same core technology. However, Unity 2D is optimized for 2D games.

Unity 2D uses sprites to create 2D graphics. Sprites are bitmaps that can be moved around on the screen. Unity 2D also uses physics to create realistic movement and collisions.

Unity 2D has a wide range of features, including:

-Scripting using C# or UnityScript

-Rendering and animation

-Particle systems


-Collision detection


-User interface

Unity 2D is used to create many popular 2D games, including Monument Valley, Crossy Road, and Super Mario Maker.

How to create a mini map Unity 2D 

Creating a mini map in Unity can be a great way to help players navigate a game world. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a mini map in Unity 2D.

  1. To create a mini map in Unity 2D, we first need to create a canvas. The canvas will be used to render the map. Next, we’ll create a sprite to represent the map. We’ll also need to create a texture for the map. The texture will be used to render the map on the sprite.
  2. Next, we’ll create a script to handle the map. The script will contain the logic for updating the map and rendering it on the sprite. We’ll also need to create a prefab for the map. The prefab will contain the sprite and script.
  3. We’ll also need to create a game object to hold the map. The game object will contain the canvas and sprite.
  4. Finally, we’ll add the map to the game.

That’s it! We now have a mini map in Unity 2D.

Using the mini map mask 

The mini map mask is a Unity 2D feature that allows you to selectively hide or show certain elements of the mini map. This can be useful for hiding clutter or obscuring map elements that you don’t need to see while you’re playing.

To use the mini map mask, select the mini map mask tool from the toolbar. This tool looks like a square with a dashed border. Then, click and drag to select the area of the mini map that you want to mask. Anything within the dashed border will be hidden from view.

You can also use the mini map mask to hide UI elements like the pause button and the mission briefing. This can be useful if you want to keep the screen clear for gameplay.

The mini map mask is a useful tool for customizing your mini map to meet your needs. Try it out and see how it can improve your gameplay experience.