Unity 2D Game Main Menu Tutorial

Creating a New Project in Unity 

Creating a new project in Unity can be done in a few simple steps. 

  1. First, open Unity and click on “New Project”.
  2. Next, select the project type and settings.
  3. Then, name the project and select the location.
  4. Finally, click on “Create Project” and the project will be created.

Setting Up the Unity  Project 

In order to create a Unity project, you need to first install Unity on your computer. You can download Unity for free from the Unity website.

Once Unity is installed, you can create a new project by clicking on the “Create” button in the top left corner of the Unity window.

  1. In the “Project Name” field, enter the name of your project.
  2. In the “Location” field, enter the location where you want to save your project.
  3. In the “Tags” field, enter any keywords that you want to associate with your project.
  4. Click on the “Create Project” button to create your project.
  5. The Unity window will now display the “Project” tab, which contains information about your project.

The “Project” tab contains the following information:

– “Name” – The name of your project.

– “Location” – The location of your project.

– “Tags” – The tags associated with your project.

You can also view the following information by clicking on the corresponding buttons:

– “Asset List” – The list of assets in your project.

– “Inspector” – The inspector window, which displays information about the selected asset.

– “Scene” – The scene view, which displays the scene that is currently being edited.

Creating a Main Menu in Unity 2D

When creating a game in Unity, you will usually want to create a main menu scene. This is the scene that will be displayed when the game is first launched. In this scene, you will usually want to include options for starting a new game, loading a game, or exiting the game.

In Unity 2D, the main menu is created using a Scene View and a Menu View. The Scene View is used to create the layout of the main menu, while the Menu View is used to add buttons and other menu items.

  • To create a main menu, start by creating a new scene in Unity. Then, add a Menu View to the scene. The Menu View is located in the Window > Menu View menu.
  • Next, add some buttons to the Menu View. To add a button, select the Button component in the Component menu. Then, use the Inspector to set the properties of the button. For example, you can set the text of the button, the color of the button, and the action that will be performed when the button is clicked.

You can also add other types of menu items to the Menu View, such as text fields, checkboxes, and radio buttons.